IN TOON Books, Portraits & Other Media Paintings

IN TOON Books, Portraits & Other Media PaintingsIN TOON Books, Portraits & Other Media PaintingsIN TOON Books, Portraits & Other Media Paintings

Cartoon & Comic Book Reality Narrative Art Commissions 

Published  Cartoons and Original Paintings

TOON Maestro and Multimedia Artist

Art Director

IN TOON Commissions for Scripts, Graphic Novels, Ads, Concerts, Imaginative Wanderings.


I will also Compose your original Comic Book Portraits and Narratives  for Personal,  Entertainment/Art and other Events and Openings,  Business/Restaurant Cartoon Tapestries, Family Memoir Narratives and more. 

About InToons


Commission your Own Single and Multicell Accidental Tourist Cartoons Portraits

  • I will create and compose your Comic Book Reality Narratives and Cartoons Portraits from your day in the life interactions with the city and people, activities, art and other events. I will shadow you and begin the process of Tooning, drawing you, from photographs that I will take on shoot or that you will lead to unique Framed mixed-media artworks. They make perfect original art purchases, for business publications and as gifts.  

The original was published in Westside Spirit NYC Chelsea News, Our Town Eastsider Newspaper and OT Downtowner among others in which I publish regularly including Delray Newspaper and Boca Raton Newpapers.


I will custom Cartoonize and Photoonize (sounds wild) your Art/Entertainment & Event Opening tailored for social media, publications and/or wall Artwork

  • I have Cartoonized many Indoor and Outdoor Art Openings, Music and Theater Shows, Saloons of Poetry, Paintings, Restaurant and Store Launches (here the  Cornell Museum Show 'Looking Glass' with my Trees of Life Sculpture and Augmented Reality Outdoor Installation Series ). They create gripping copy for social and other media, and for publication -  but also great commemorative and original wall Pieces.


Custom Comic Book Reality Cartoon Narratives for Musicians, Artists and their Venues


Photographic Portraits and Narratives

The mix of Photography and Story sings a Toon all to itself


Illustration In Toons

Opportunities for Comedic and Riveting Drawing Narratives


Photoons Portraits

Portraits and their Comic Book Reality Othersides

From Paintbrush to Augmented Reality

A little about myself from a recent talk at the Boca Museum of Art Guild.

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Commissions Welcomed for Portraits, Cartoons, Installations, Performances and Murals

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PHOTOGRAPHY & Photoons/ Price List

A Variety of Photographs from Elsewhere

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